So, I've never been much of a blogger, which is shocking considering how much I love to talk, and talk, and talk some more.  I guess the whole idea of blogging scares me a little since I wouldn't know when to stop, but here goes! 

I moved to LA from Raincity, also know as Vancouver, Canada about 4 years ago. I'll never forget saying to myself that I will never miss the rain.... Fast forward to now and I miss it (for real).  I miss the smell of it the most.  I miss the rain in October and the fog that comes with it! I miss fall, or do we call it autumn?!  Now speaking of October, I love you, you are one of my favorite months.  But as any Angelino would know, we dont really get 'seasons'... October is a lot like January (and January is a lot like April) its all so confusing.

Now I warned you about the rambling.  Long story short, it is time for tall boots, knit sweaters and of course OPALS!  Not only are Opals the birthstone for October, they seem to just stand out as soon as the weather cools down all on their own, birthstone or not.    To celebrate the ever so cooler weather here in Los Angeles (current night time temp of 61) I just restocked a ton of raw opals and a few polished. Im hoping to get the rest of the polished ones up tomorrow :)   

Here is a quick link to see some of the juicy new opals! (or click on the text of this blog to bring you there :)