So I've never really thought much about the deep down energy of birthstones.... 

Mine just so happens to be diamonds, which is a blessing and a curse!  Why? Diamonds are tooooo exepensive so no one will ever buy them for you (sad face) but they really are a girls best friend :)

Of course I always knew that birthstones existed but it just dawned on me how much of a pull they have when you are acutally in the month they belong to.  Does anyone else feel this? Last month was opals and I could'nt tear myself away from them.

So now is Novermber which is Topaz and Citrine, neither of which I really have!  Topaz is a little hard to come by in its natural state and Im not super drawn to overly treated, polished and cut stones.... As for Citrine, we have never really been best friends...  I feel as if we dont really get along since it is an energizing stone that stimulates creatitvy and thoughts which I have way too much as it is.  I think we clash so we have agreed to go our separate ways.

Now onto DECEMBER! Tanzanite and Turquoise!  My two loves.  My love for tanzanite is definitely seasonal for some reason, it comes and goes.  My love for Turquoise is life long and we will be together FOREVER.

Enough of my rambling!  Happy weekend to you all :)