Crystals for the people!

I've been in the fashion industry for what feels like forever now :) I spent a lot of years working for others waiting for my turn... (not that I really knew what it was meant to be, I just knew it existed) I somewhat spontaneously opened a clothing store with my best friend a few years back and learned hard about how much I wasn't into clothing and textiles... And Im a strong believer that people are meant to do what they love and that is when we do our best! Although, if all the stars didn't align and I didn't have to spend all those countless hours sitting in that store bored out of my tree watching the rain, I never would have fallen faithfully into the path I am on now. I started with a bracelet for myself. It was pretty amazing. It had its flaws but I loved it! I made another (with less flaws) and gave it away. The third one was perfect. I admired it for a bit as it sat by my register.... a customer bought it! And then the magic happened. I got more supplies, different colors! big ones, small ones. I made a few necklaces and some super basic earrings and they sold! And the rest is history... I look back on those days and have a good laugh at what I was trying to do, but many hours, days, mistakes, and successes have really brought it together.

I am reminded daily of how grateful I am and how lucky I feel (not to say it isn't a TON of work... the hardest I have ever worked) but well worth it and so incredibly rewarding. I thank you all for your love and support and dedication to my gems. You truly are what keeps this ball rolling :)

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