Star necklace - hematite necklace - tiny star necklace - a little hematite star hanging from a 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver chain


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Tiny star necklace - star necklace - hematite necklace - a little hematite star hanging from a 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver chain

A tiny gray hematite star hanging happily from a 16 inch 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver chain. Please feel free to select a different length chain if you prefer!

Tiny Star: 7mm
Not so Tiny Star: 9mm

Hematite, also spelled Haematite, is the mineral form of Iron Oxide.

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Aries, Aquarius
Planet – Mars
Element – Fire/Earth
Typical colours -Black to steel or silver-grey, brown to reddish brown, or red

Hematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

Hematite utilises the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. Haematite is strong, supporting timidity, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing willpower and reliability, and imparting confidence. It helps to overcome compulsions and addictions, treating overeating, smoking and other forms of overindulgence.

All of my crystals have been cleansed and charged. This is done to ensure that any negative energies have been removed and charged to allow them to serve their highest purpose!
Also! Of course, not all stones come with any negative energy, but since they have most likely been touched by a bunch of people before, I find it best to send them to you pure and perfect

♥ Handmade with love in sunny California
♥ This gem will arrive happily in a gift pouch or box

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