Hello Friends!  

I know its been a while... I was relly excited about this whole blogging thing and sharing my thoughts and then life happened!  Its been a year! Its October again and as you can tell from my last post, my favorite time of year!  I just picked up a bunch of gorgeous fall gems and Christmas gems...  Im working on having these super sparkly angle aura moons up in the next hour or so!  Im also super excited about the super juicy green chrome diopside (I keep trying to call it dioptase!)  

I bought a new torch a couple weeks ago (its purple of course) and have only been able to work with it twice, but I've been working on some super cute stacking rings and will eventually get to some dirty prong set raw gems going when I can find a  window of time.  

As soon as this Halloween madness is over I'll be in full swing for Christmas orders so please feel free to message me sooner than later to work on any custom pieces to be done in time for the holidays :) :) :) 

Much love to you all!